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Latest Surf Albums on the Surf Rock Radio Playlist

Latest Surf Albums from Sharawaji Records

The most popular surf bands, week ending 22nd May 2016

Here is The Official Five Most Popular Surf Bands for week ending 22nd May 2016

1. Marshall & The Martins

2. Surf Zombies

3. 3Speed Dragster

4. Cocktail Lounge

5. The Compadres 

This week's most viewed surf albums

And here is the album chart this week. 

1. The Special Edisons EP {showalbum 342}

2. Hasta Muerte {showalbum 428}

3. Holy Shit Twang Reverb Villains Attack!!! {showalbum 299}

4. Crazy Acemas  {showalbum 398}

5. Sounds Of Summer {showalbum 162}


The Surf Rock Radio Singles Chart

Here is the this week's most viewed surf songs.

1. Take Me To The Hell Hop - The Delstroyers

2. Bikini Voyeur - Jimmy Strings

3. One way train - Cosmic Beasts

4. Surf and Destroy - The Syndicate of Surf

5. Chinese Takeway - The Cavaleros 


All bands are currently in rotation on  If you would like to have your band featured on the station, or if popular enough place on the charts send us your music in mp3 format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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