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SURF ROCK CHART: 27th May 2018

The Official Top 10 Surf Singles Chart (new releases)

1. Liberty Belle - The 427s

2. El padrino - The Chukukos

3. Blackball Stomp -  Blackball Bandits

4. motoroil - Tsunami of Sound

5. Miami Mendoza - Supertubos

6. 010010 - The Tsunamibots

7. The Legacy - Beware of Blast

8. Duelo Surf - Hitchcocks

9. Doctores de La Muerte - Toxic Riders

10. Les Dynamites - The Breeze and I

The Official Top 10 Most Popular Surf Albums


1. Sun Cream - Sun Cream

2. Stay Gold - The 427s

3. Bitchin' - The Young Barons

4. Rendezvous - Supetubos

5. y en Arica bien chévere - Los Yawares

6. Man vs Machine - The Tsunamibots vs Brand New Luddites

7. THE LEGACY - Beware of Blast

8. Mutant Surfin Trash - The Terrorsurfs

9. On the Beach - Secret Spot Surf Band

10. The Lost Mission - Blackball Bandits


The Official Top 10 Most Popular Surf Bands

1. tHe TiKi CReePs

2. Marshall and The Martins

3. The Special Edisons

4. West Samoa Surfer League

5. Slingshot Dragster

6. Iguana Death Cult

7. The Ventures 

8. The Hang-Ten Hangmen

9. The Evanstones

10. Luau Or Die

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