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officialsurfrockcharts SURF ROCK CHART: 5th March 2017 - SURFROCKRADIO.COM

The Official Surf Rock Charts for week ending 5th March 2017

The Official Top 10 Most Popular Surf Bands 

1. The Original Onions

2. TarantinosNYC

3. Genki Genki Panic

4. The SpyTones

5. The Gamma Lords

6. The Evanstones

7. Atomicos

8. Man Or Astroman?

9. The Slotcars

10. Dr. Tritón


The Official Top 10 Most Popular Surf Albums

1. Surfin' the Silver Screen - TarantinosNYC

2. Surfing Contest - Dr. Tritón

3. Endless Ocean - Ferni and the Vascos

4. Melophobia - Dr Phobic

5. Music from the Last Band on Earth - The Evanstones 

6. ¡Queremos Surf! - Los Cowabungas

7. Studio Surf Styles Vol.1 - The Syndicate of Surf

8. Swamp Terror EP - The Katatonics

9. Zomboid Surf Attack - The Terrorsurfs

10. Prequela - Last Electric Rodeo



The Official Top 10 Surf Rock Singles Chart

1. Ghouls On Film - Genki Genki Panic

2. Prince of Darkness - The Katatonics 

3. Dust Off My Boots part 2 - The Terrorsurfs

4. Man From Nowhere - TarantinosNYC

5. Spanish Steps - TarantinosNYC

6. Obesophobia - Dr Phobic

7. El Cíclope - Low Cowabungas

8. The Last Electric Rodeo Pt. 1 - The Last Electric Rodeo

9. Low Beach - Los Cowabungas

10. Bikini Voyeur - Jimmy Strings



Be featured on Surf Rock Radio 

All bands are currently in rotation on, the world's number 1 surf music station.  

If you would like to have your band featured on the station, or if popular enough place on the charts send us your music in 128kbps mp3 format to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We will then set up a band profile on the website which you can share links to in order to promote your music and increase your chart rankings. Every listen and request increases your chart ranking.


gplus-32 SURF ROCK CHART: 5th March 2017 - SURFROCKRADIO.COM
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