Desert Sands
Released 2012
Format CD
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Genre Surf
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Edition date 2012
Country Canada
Label Independent
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The High Tides are James Agnew on drums, Pete Jones on bass and Mario ("Rockin' Rio") Pietrangeli on guitar. The band includes two members of The Blue Demons and a former Calrizian, so these guys come with an honest and undiluted surf, twang and thunder pedigree. The repetoire includes classic surf covers, Link Wray favourites, and their own original instrumental guitar tunes, ranging from spaghetti-western styled anthems to surf-flavoured fast picking glissandos. With members based in both Hamilton and Toronto, The High Tides have been regular favorites at Graffiti's and The Cadillac Lounge in TO, and have played the Open Streets festival, as well as This Ain't Hollywood, in The Hammer, among others. 

Watch for them to play a club or other event in your hometown soon!

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Desert Sands

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