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    Marshall & The Martins

    Genre Surf Rock
    City Rockhampton, Toowoomba, Melbourne and Tokyo
    Country Australia and Japan
    Tags surf rock boston beans surf music the purple thing australian surf music



    Aussie Surf Band


    Rockhampton 1986. Two boys ended up playing tennis for school sport. All the cool sports were taken. So, while sitting against the chain wire fence, Martin Kemp spotted a daggy brown vinyl guitar case leaning against the fence beside Will Marshall. "Can you play that?....

    Marshall and the Martins, and a new sport known as band practice, were formed. Bobby Martin on rhythm and Peter Sinclair on bass rounded out this instro-combo, and the sounds of Wipeout, Pipeline, Batman, Apache and Flingel Bunt could be heard across the school grounds, and local shopping mall for years to come. The Beatles' tunes featured too, but when you get told enough times that you can't sing, instrumental surf music takes over....

    The daggy brown vinyl guitar cased contained a modest Toledo brand acoustic guitar. This wouldn't do. So, while we waited for Santa to bring an electric guitar, The Purple Thing, hand crafted by the school principal Jules Maher, was loaned to the band along with a handy sized Peavey 1x12 amp.

    Now, thanks to technology, we are able to bring you our own brand of original surf instrumental tunes. Our debut album, The Purple Thing is available in most digital music places. And our follow up, Boston Beans will be out soon in 2014.

    Live shows should start up again in 2015. Melbourne VIC.

    Will Marshall
    Martin Kemp
    Bob Martin

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