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Hi! Today, I have the pleasure to chat with Arthur Cossette, lead guitar from Les Jaguars 1st wave band! Thank you Arthur for taking time to answer us. Let's surf and start the interview if you please. 😉

SRR: What year was Les Jaguars founded?
Arthur Cossette: 1963.

SRR: Who are the members of Les Jaguars?
Arthur Cossette: Me, lead guitar; Gilles and his brother Raynold  Morissette, guitar, drums et Doris Thibeault, bass.

SRR: From which city did Les Jaguars originate?
Arthur Cossette: Arvida, Quebec, Canada.

SRR: Where did the idea to form an instrumental band come from?
Arthur Cossette: We were playing dance hall music, which was often instrumental.

SRR: How did you meet each other?
Arthur Cossette: They heard of me and then they called me. I was already playing in a band called Les Vampires.

SRR: What are your influences?
Arthur Cossette: Colin Kids, Chet Atkins, Les Paul, Santo and Johnny, Merle Travis...

SRR: How did you guys describe the band at the time?
Arthur Cossette: Musicians were not classified back then. Electric guitar music if you want.

SRR: What year did you do your first recording?
Arthur Cossette: 1963.

SRR: Did you have a label?
Arthur Cossette: Tournesol.

SRR: Which instrument did you used?
Arthur Cossette: Fender Jaguar, Gretsch 6120.

SRR: Which amplifier did you use?
Arthur Cossette: Fender.

SRR: Did you use a reverb tank?
Arthur Cossette: Echochord.

SRR: Was it an original or modified tank?
Arthur Cossette: Original.

SRR: What are the effects used on the guitar?
Arthur Cossette: None. Only the Echochord.

SRR: What type of strings did you use, flatwounds or roundwounds?
Arthur Cossette: Half-Round Daddario, light top heavy bottom.

SRR: How long has Les Jaguars been active for?
Arthur Cossette: 2 years.

SRR: Was there any reunion?
Arthur Cossette: Only once for one show in 1985.

SRR: Were the members in any band(s) after Les Jaguars?
Arthur Cossette: Personally I've been hired by a Montreal band Les Sinners, then I played for Robert Charlebois and after La Revolution Francaise.

SRR: Where can we buy and follow Les Jaguars?
Arthur Cossette: In some specialized stores.

SRR: Where can we listen and follow your actual band?
Arthur Cossette: I am guitar player for Lyse and the Hot Kitchen we are on Facebook and Bandcamp, also I am preparing a personal showcase who's going to be shown to public for the first time at Festival Pop de Montreal next September 15 2017.

SRR: Thank you very much Arthur for taking time to answer me today.
Arthur Cossette: Thank.

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