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The Tiki Lounge Lizards

Genre Surf
City California
Country USA
Years active 2015


The Tiki Lounge Lizards blend surf, spy, and sci-fi themed music into an eclectic tasty stew which is served up via energetic stage performance and nuance. Originating out of various Tiki bars, beach parties, wineries, and county fairs these lizards have been surf rockin’ Northern California from San Francisco to So Lake Tahoe and out of the central valley into various wine counties for several years now. Branching out to Southern California over the summer of 2016, this 3 piece surf & spy band splashed Surfin’ Sundays Concert Series at Huntington Beach and set the Tiki lounge on fire at close by Don The Beach Combers as well as The Wind and Sea in Dana Point. With their summer of 2016 LP release simply titled The Tiki Lounge Lizards, Gary Christensen (drummer, founder), Rob Longacre (guitar), and Michael Anthony Pratt (bass) have been receive much air play, spreading their surf & spy stew to the far reaches of the globe.

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